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We run courses at all levels of language proficiency, from beginners to advanced. We run group classes and individual tutorials. We also offer remedial courses, crash courses in Polish, exam-orientated courses, survival Polish courses, and courses for tourists.
Our priority is perfect tailoring of the courses to suit client's needs. That is why together with our clients we arrange the learning timetable, course syllabus and its content. Our clients are invited to put forward their ideas and topic of the course content.

In teaching we follow the belief that there is no one-and-only methodology of foreign language teaching, and none of the methods can be dubbed “best” and universal. That is why we cooperate with experienced, motivated, and visionary teachers who draw from different methods and approaches employing techniques suitable for particular educational contexts. This guarantees educational success of our students.

Our approach is characterized by the principle of learning through authentic context, building strongly on students’ motivation to learn, and exploiting everyone’s natural predisposition towards learning.
By being flexible, adjustable and open to students’ needs we guarantee maximum effectiveness of our courses.

We always prepare an individual course of learning for our students and by closely monitoring their progress we are able to improve it if necessary. This produces best educational results and high satisfaction of the students.
In our teaching we mainly rely on authentic materials and materials designed by our teachers. The techniques we use promote communication and encompass pair and work group, simulations, role-plays, outclass projects (mostly in real-life situations, e.g. in cafes, shops, cinemas, etc.). All this enhances learning, eliminates boredom, and proves that Polish is fun to learn!

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