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Courses for firms and institutions:
Classes addressed to foreigners working in Poland.
Syllabus is always designed individually and depends on the professional needs of the learners (e.g. Polish in business, medicine, law, building industry, general Polish, survival Polish).
Classes are usually conducted in the client’s office and at a time set by the client.

Group Courses:
Addressed to those who prefer a regular, group-style of learning, with its advantages such as: making friends and taking part in various group exercises.


Semester courses Intensive,
one-month courses
Weekend courses
Twice a week, 90 minutes per meeting or once a week 3 hours per meeting (weekends also) 5 times a week, 90 minutes per meeting 1 or 2-day-long trips to interesting places in Poland accompanied by language learning

Individual tutorials:
Course addressed to those who need individual meetings with the tutors in order to fully benefit from the classes. This form of meetings produces best effects and allows the learners the choice of meeting times, its content, and intensity.

Lesson price is set individually, but it usually is 60 zl per hour (60 min).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at:


We will contact you immediately to discuss your needs and requirements. We will also, at your request, design an individual offer for you.

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